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by Natarsha Lambie
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I have always known about the quality of Tupperware so I was really pleased to find a sales rep in West London. The demonstration was really informative but also fun with many of the products being shown. I would highly recommend buying from Natarsha.

Christine, Chiswick

Being Australian and growing up with Tupperware, I was really pleased to know Natarsha is selling in London. I ordered a lot of storage containers for the pantry, kids and also the breathable containers for the fridge. In did spend rather a lot but I see it as a necessity, not a luxury. The containers last and last and my food stays fresher longer.


We have moths which get into the dry foods. We have just purchased all the baseline containers as their seal is perfect to keep out the moths. I am very pleased with them and I like the 10 year guarantee and the fact there are spare parts available if needed.

Adam, Chiswick

Natarsha is fantastic. She is fun, no pressure salesperson of Tupperware, and Thermomix too I believe. She is hosting a few parties each year at her home, or will entertain a bunch of your girlfriends at your house, or simply order from her after looking at the catalogue. Either way everyone needs a Tupperware fix now and then. Don't they?

Jo, Chiswick