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Natarsha Lambie - The UK's #1 Tupperware Lady

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Welcome to my website, I'm so glad you stopped by... Don't you just love Tupperware? I know I do! In fact Tupperware has been a feature in my family for decades - I have fond memories of discovering all the different shapes and sizes and colours of all the containers my Mum used to collect when I was a child. A few years ago I realised that Tupperware was available - and oh how has it changed! The quality is still as fabulous as ever, the 10-year guarantee is still there, but there is now such an amazing range of modern and innovative styles with more applications than before... Please take a look at my Tupperware Online Shop - but be careful, you might just get hooked!
Did you know I am also a UK Thermomix Advisor? Please take a look at my other website TheThermoQueen
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