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Fridge Cool Mates - Various


The Cool Mates are the perfect product for storing and defrosting your meats, poultry and fish in the fridge. They are completely modular and nestable with the VentSmart range. Together these ranges will allow you to make the most out of the space in your fridge.

The Cool Mates with a capacity of 4.4L, is ideal for big pieces or even complete pieces of meats such as complete chicken, turkey or a roast. It can store meats such as:
*2 complete chickens (1kg/ chicken)
*4 roasts (1100gr/roast)
*10 spare ribs (300gr/ spare rib)
*15 big salmon fillets (200gr/fillet)
*17 beef steaks (230gr/steak)

4.4L  Dimensions: 28.5cm x 19cm x 13.5cm high

1.8L Dimensions: 28.5cm x 19cm x 6cm high

They stack.

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