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Tupperware EZ Mix 'n' Stor Jugs


Measure, mix, whisk and store!

 A  modernised version of the old faithful mix n stor.  Available in 1L or 2 L sizes.

Spare parts available for you order model.

This product features measures for dry ingredients one side and liquid the other.  It's a measuring jug and also useful for mixing and storing batters etc in the fridge.  Think mixing and storing your lovely pancake batters to make them fresh as needed.

This works with the EZ shaker and the E63 Cooks maid to make a cohesive set that enhance your baking.


2L: 16.3cm dia. 23.7cm x 17.2cm x 15.5cm

1L: 14.4cm dia. 20.4cm x 13.4cm x 14.7cm


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