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Tupperware Knives Knife

£18.00 £65.00

Fantastic Tupperware Knife and Knife Sharpener:

As per the pictures:

1. Chef's Knife - Blade 19.7cm

2. Bread Knife - Scalloped Blade 19.7cm

3. Filetting Knife

4. Tomato Knife - Scalloped Blade 13.4cm

5. Utility Knife - Blade 10.3cm

6. Paring Knife - Blade 8.5cm

7. Tupperware Knife Sharpener


Premium Chef's Knife - this Japanese Style Santoku Knife has a lovely weight to it, a 13cm blade with reliefs in the blade to allow the food to cut and separate easily.  RRP £65 reduced to £45

Cheese Knife.  Two prongs at the end to stab and lift cheese pieces and cut outs in the blade that allow cheese to fall from the knife easily when slicing. 


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