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Tupperware Click Peeler System Potato Carrot Courgette


A new product from Tupperware.  This peeler system has one handle and 3 interchangeable heads that fit neatly into it's own storage box.

Peeler Set

  • Vertical head for peeling hard fruits and veg, or making shavings from chocolate or cheese
  • Universal head does all that too, and also peels soft fruits and veg like peppers, tomatoes, kiwis
  • Wide head for slicing.  Great for making wider slices, potato, courgette and carrot ribbons.

The heads change easily with one click.

Click Series Accessories Set.  

Turn your peeler set into the multifunctional set with these accessories.  


Mini Grater


And a click handle

This set clicks into the frame of your main peeler set to make it the ultimate one click set.


Complete Click Set includes both the peeler set and the accessories set as mentioned above. Sorry I don't have a pic of both sets together so the pic for the Complete Click Set listing is incorrect.

Ref:  ctbx

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