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Tupperware Cool Stackable Fridge Stackables


Key features of the Cool Stackables. 

  • The sheer trays stack together according to your needs.
  • The trays snap together with the base of one sealing the one below. You need only one cover to seal the stack.
  • Contents are easy to identify, thanks to the see-through trays.
  • Grid allows liquid to pool under food, keeping things from going soggy
  • Cool pack is for transporting food and keeping it extra cold
  • Vented seal is perfect for food items that need to breathe, ie hams, bacon etc.

The "Set" Comes with 1 x Low base, 1 x High base, 1 x Condens Control Seal and 1 x Grid.

The half set size is half size of above is 13cm x  approx 9cm.  I have one in stock available to send.  Base 640ml, top tray 240ml comes with a grid and a seal.

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