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Tupperware Cool Stackable Fridge Stackables


Key features of the Cool Stackables.  The large set is no longer available but some of the items can be ordered as spare parts.  Ordering as spare parts (unless showing "in stock" is a lengthy process, so please be aware up front.

  • The sheer trays stack together according to your needs.
  • The trays snap together with the base of one sealing the one below. You need only one cover to seal the stack.
  • Contents are easy to identify, thanks to the see-through trays.
  • Grid allows liquid to pool under food, keeping things from going soggy
  • Cool pack is for transporting food and keeping it extra cold
  • Vented seal is perfect for food items that need to breathe, ie hams, bacon etc.

Each base is 26cm x 17.5cm

The half set size is half size of above is 13cm x  approx 9cm.  I have one in stock available to send.  Base 640ml, top tray 240ml comes with a grid and a seal.