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EZ Mix 'n' Stor 2L

EZ Mix 'n' Stor 2L


Measure, mix, whisk and store!

A mixing bowl, just the right shape for mixing, with a handle, straight sides and a base with a wide curve.
When the cover is in the open position with the tab over the handle, it creates a pouring spout. 
Turn the tab away from the handle to close the jug. Fit the classic seal to complete the cover. The cover is not liquid tight.
The wide pouring spout pours easily without a drip. A little air vent opposite the spout ensures smooth pouring.
The hole in the cover is perfect for avoiding splashing while using a hand mixer. 
Calibrations on one side are metric with imperial liquid measures and on the opposite side are volume measures for sugar, flour and rice. 
The seal also fits on the stand rim of the base.

Capacities: 2 Litres

EZ Mix N Store can be used with EZ Shaker and Cooks Maid elements.


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