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EZ Shaker - Quick Shake - Choice of Size


The is the new style of shaker that replaces the Quick Shake. The cover has been specially designed with a drop guidance function. This function guides all the remaining drops back into the Shaker when the base is positioned in upright position; no more mess!

When open, the cap stays at 85°, ensuring that it remains in place while you are pouring your preparation, without any risk of it flipping back. Do not push the cap beyond 85°, as it could deform the seal hinge area.

Imperial and metric graduations to measure any liquids:
The oz are indicated with lines every 1oz, with numbers every 2oz
The ml are indicated with lines every 25ml, with numbers every 50ml

The EZ Shaker 600ml comes with the blending insert to perfectly mix larger quantities  It is H22.6cm x L9.9cm x W11.1cm.  Total capacity is 720ml – usable capacity up to 600ml

Note:   The 350ml size has no blender wheel insert but none the less is a handy shaker for lots of uses.

Watch this to see how they work together with the other EZ items.


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