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Tupperware EZ Shaker - Quick Shake - Choice of Size


The is the new style of shaker that replaces the original Quick Shake. 

The EZ Shaker comes in 600ml or 350ml capacity container, although I recommend you leave some space in to allow best results when blending.

The 600ml size comes with an insert to assist with combining ingredients   I recommend this shaker for whipping cream, or combining wet and dry ingredients such as batters.  I use mine to shake eggs for scrambled eggs.

The 350ml size has no blender insert.  It's best uses are shaking up liquids.  Ie useful for salad dressings, eggs and other liquids blending.

When open, the cap stays at 85°, ensuring that it remains in place while you are pouring your preparation, without any risk of it flipping back. Do not push the cap beyond 85°, as it could deform the seal hinge area.

Ensure the lid is on properly by running your fingers around the edges pushing down firmly ensuring it is fully secure.  If in doubt which shake to purchase, I would recommend the larger 600ml size due to it's wider range of uses.  If you only wish to make dressings the 350ml is absolutely perfect. 


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