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Fusion Master Series


First product of a system using a base strongly bonded to countertop, the mincer allows you to mince versatile food: meat, fish, vegetables, or make sausages or stuffing. 
The mincer is a healthy solution to control quality and type of food, or prepare minced food you can hardly find in shops. 

2 grids, for 2 results:
- Large holes mincer disc: perfect for coarse results, and hard food,
- Small holes mincer disc: perfect for preparation with fine results such as tartare, humus, hard food already minced once with the large holes mincer disc.

The sausage insert has so many other multiples uses: perfect tool to fill in cannelloni tubes with minced meat, salmon and soft cheese, blue cheese with zucchini... stuff vegetables meat balls.

Dimensions: 24.3 x 13.3 x 26.6 cm H

Fusion Master Mincer in stock, instant dispatch.

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