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Universal Peeler (known as the Y Peeler)


Double Sided!  Makes Perfect Vegetable Ribbons

Perfect peeling is possible thanks to this very sharp blade that has a serrated side and a smooth side:

With the serrated side of the blade you can peel all kinds of soft vegetables and fruits: tomatoes, peppers, plums, kiwi, apricot, egg plants.

With the smooth side of the blade you can cut hard fruits and vegetables such as potato, carrots, apples,…

The smooth rounded handle fits comfortably in the hand and it is suitable for left or right handed use.

On one corner of the peeler is a handy potato eye remover.

The Universal Peeler is easy to clean, guaranteed rust free, dishwasher safe. Made from carbon steel which guarantees long lasting sharp edges.

PS I love making vegetable ribbons with this from carrots and courgettes and lightly steaming them in my Thermomix. Delish.

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