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Latest Tupperware Catalogue - Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Latest Tupperware Catalogue - Autumn/Winter 2018/2019


Unfortunately, Tupperware do not produce an catalogue for the UK market.

However, we do have the next best thing - the catalogue for mainland Europe. All the items in this catalogue are available to purchase and full details are in the catalogue. The prices are printed in Euros, but each catalogue will have the corresponding item found on my website with the sterling price.

Note: In my online shop there are many more products in addition to what is in this catalogue, so perhaps take a look through the website before deciding if you really need the paper catalogue.

I only charge 70p for the catalogue plus postage.  This is the "actual" cost to me.

If you wish to view the contents of the catalogue online in a "book" format, please go to our suppliers website and select Our Catalogue.


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