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Tupperware MicroCook Pitcher Microwave Jug

£20.00 £43.65

Advanced Material Makes This Invisible To The Microwave

One of my most used items. Prepare, cook and serve with the MicroPlus Pitcher.

Fabulous for quick sauces like bechamel, bolognese, bearnaise, custard ...

Ultra-resistant material which can take temperatures that range from - 25 °C/-15°F to 200°C/390°F: Compatible with use in the freezer, refrigerator and microwave oven. Not for conventional ovens.

Specific design that promotes the penetration of energy for optimal and uniform cooking.

Two sizes, 1L or smaller 500ml

Cover has 2 positions: Closed for baking / Open to pour, transfer, etc.

Smooth material that prevents food from sticking during cooking.

Ergonomic handle for easy handling.

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