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Tupperware Space Savers Ovals - Various Sizes


From the Classic Oval Collection

This set of space saving oval containers has transformed food storage in the modern kitchen.

Ovals stack up neatly and have a viewing window on the end so you can see when to refill.

Ovals come in 5 sizes.

Oval 1 - Capacity 500 ml

Oval 2 - Capacity 1.1L

Oval 3 - Capacity 1.7L

Oval 4 - Capacity 2.1L

Oval 5 - Capacity 2.9L

Space Saver 5 - Spaghetti Keeper 1.1L

(Note Oval 5 and the spaghetti keeper are both the same height)


Note:  If ordering the New Oval set of 5 pieces, it consists:

2 x Oval 2 (1.1l)
1 x Oval 1 (500ml)
1 x Oval 3 (1.7l)
1 x oval 4 (2.3l)

HALF PRICE  Note:  If ordering the half price Vintage Set it consists of the following. Good condition with new seals the base is less clear than the new ones as its vintage.

2 x 500ml

2 x 1.1L

1 x 1.7L

Note all ovals supplied have flip lids. To seal after closing the flip, press the middle of the flip lid and it will click down to seal the container.

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