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Tupperware Silicone Bakeware Forms Moulds - Various

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Top Quality Silicone

Fantastic silicone cupcake form.  This high quality silicone does not need greasing or lining.  You can use them in a normal oven and also a microwave and they wash up really well. Very little cleaning needed. If you prefer, you can use paper cases with them to make more traditional cupcakes, but they work just as well without.

. Silicone Dome. Capacity 6 x 74ml.  Dimensions:  30cm x 19.5cm

. Silicone Rings. Dimensions 30 x 19.5cm

. Silicone Waffles.  Dimensions 30 x 19.5cm

. Silicone Cupcakes called Cupcakes.  Capacity 6 x 115ml.  Dimensions 30 x 19.5cm

. Silicone Baking Sheet Mat Flat 35.3 x 31.5cm

. Silicone Crown Jewels

. Silicone Princess Round Dimensions 26cm DIA

. Silicone Football Round. Capacity 1.5L

. Silicone Mini King - small cake mould

.  Silicone Queen 26cm dia x 3.5cm H (blue with scalloped edges)

. Silicone Brownie Mould - makes 10 bars

. Silicone Madeline form makes 8 beautiful madeleines

Our Tupperware Silicone Moulds have won the prestigious Red Dot Design award.


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