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Tupperware Expressions Pie Stackable


The Pie Stackable goes inside either the Collapsible Cake Taker (listed separately) or in the older version which was called the High Cake and Cheese Server.  This allows you to make a double layer of storage, i.e. two pies, two cakes or two layers of cupcakes etc.

The Pie Stackable is also a handy item on its own and can be used to make cheesecakes, simply put the Ring part on a tray, fill with your cheesecake mixture and refrigerate until set.  Carefully remove the ring to reveal your cake.

The Pie Stackable has two parts, a tray and a ring.  The colour is snow white and the tray is Merlot, matching the new version of the Collapsible cake taker.  

Ring: 28.4 cm x 6.7 cm high
Tray: 26.6 cm x 1.8cm high

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