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Tupperware Ultra Pro UltraPro Ovenware

£45.00 £85.00

The fabulous UltraPro range is a master of guises.

Use in the oven, pretty enough to serve in on the table. Use in the fridge and also can be used to reheat foods in the microwave.

The lid can also be used in the oven to cook on.Light weight and easy to clean.

For dimensions, please visit and look in the catalogue.  All dimensions are shown.  Or just ask me via contact.

Oval Base 2L : 30cm x 22.6cm x 7.3cm H / Lid 800ml: 30cm x 22.6cm x 3.9cm

Quiche Dish 23cm diametre.  The cover is for using after cooking, to cover and use in fridge etc not to heat.

SPECIALS:   On special offer are:  The Ultra Pro 1.5L Roasting Dish (save £24) and Ultra Pro Round 2.25L (save £29).  The 1.5L is in stock for instant dispatch, perfect for baking, roasting and making cakes etc in.

Note:  The Ultra Pro "Oven Tray" is now a non-standard item for the UK, therefore if ordering this be aware it takes approximately 3 weeks to arrive to me, then I send on to you.  Tray is 30cm x 22.6 x 2.5cm


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