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Ventsmart Fridge Storage Containers - Various Sizes

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Give Your Fresh Fruits And Veggies The Ideal Environment To Stay At Their Most Fresh

Fruits and vegetables are often subject to quick spoiling. The unique venting system of VentSmart™ containers helps to regulate the atmosphere inside the container by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide passing in and out, and is adjusted according to the type of vegetables or fruits stored. With this unique system, produce is kept fresh for longer.

The sleek and modern design of the VentSmart range looks good in every fridge. The VentSmart Small Set is ideally sized for cherries, squash, apples, peas or beans.

The bases nest comfortably together, saving space when not in use. They are also are transparent, allowing you to easily identify the food inside. The built-in grid in the base keeps the contents away from any moisture that might collect at the bottom.

The highly practical VentSmart Seal includes the air circulation system, which is controlled with a Slider. Depending on the contents of the container, the slider can be put in 3 different positions: Closed/open/half open.

Pictograms etched on the seal indicate where to position the slider to achieve the desired ventilation. These pictograms correspond to the graphics on the food chart label on the side of each container. 

Dishwasher Safe


Note:  Dimensions for the 9.9L are 38cm x 28cm and 14cms high (limited supply of this size)

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